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What Does CFP® Mean?

A Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP) is the highest designation in financial planning. To meet this qualification a person must have a bachelor’s degree, three years of financial planning experience, complete a study curriculum in five areas of financial planning, pass the very difficult CFP board exam, and pass several background checks. Looking for the CFP designation should be a minimum baseline when searching for a financial consultant.

Ethical Investing

We invest only in companies that act as responsibly towards all people, species, and places. This does not mean that the companies must be “green” companies, but they must try to minimize any negative impact they may have. For too long investors have ignored, or even condoned, destructive commerce in the name of profits.  At Martin Financial, we are taking a stand against this behavior. We look for clients that share these values as well.

No Commissions

At Martin Financial you will never pay any commissions. We do not sell anything. We feel mixing sales and financial advise are a poor mix. There is too much conflict of interest. We are “fee-only”, and our fees are easy to understand. Many financial publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Investors Business Daily recommend hiring a fee-only financial planning when possible.

Jack Martin, CFP

Jack Martin is a Certified Financial Planning Professional who works with business owners, professionals and retirees to ensure sound financial planning. Jack is the founder of Martin Financial Planning and works with clients in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, as well as nationwide. Jack believes strongly in fee-only financial planning.

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